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Sustainable - Inclusive - Proudly Made in Yorkshire

Hi, I'm Eva, the one-woman band behind Callisto Design Co. I live and work in the very beautiful city of York, creating new designs and packing up orders to send all over the UK.


After rediscovering my love of painting during the very first lockdown in spring 2020, I started creating cards to send a little love to far-flung friends and family that I wasn't able to see. After a lot of encouragement (and some nagging) from everyone I sent cards to, Callisto Design Co. was born - although it was called Callisto Cards at the time! I have a lifelong love of Greek mythology so I decided to name my business after Callisto, a nymph who, according to the story, was turned into a bear and set among the stars as the constellation Ursa Major (the Great Bear).



I started making my own cards because I was fed up of all of the glittery, non-recyclable, plastic-wrapped cards that I was seeing in shops. Thankfully this is now starting to change, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the sustainable revolution! All of my designs are printed on card made from spent brewers' grain, all envelopes are made from recycled kraft, and every bit of packaging is either recyclable or compostable, right down to the stickers. No plastic in sight here at Callisto HQ! Read more about my Eco Promise here.



Soon after I started my business, I started getting requests from friends and customers looking for cards that they couldn't find in the shops, whether that was a Hanukkah card in the sea of Christmas cards or a card designed to send support to someone who finds Mother's Day difficult. When I tried selling some of these special requests, they turned out to be some of my bestsellers! It made me realise just how many people there are out there who don't feel represented by the usual greetings card offerings, and I'd love to help change that. I have now set myself a goal over the next year to try to make my designs as inclusive and representative as I can. So if there's a card you've struggled to find, whether it's for a particular occasion or just represents a different kind of person, let me know and I'll get it added to the 'to design' list ASAP!

Proudly Made in Yorkshire


I've lived in Yorkshire since I was 7 years old and my heart is well and truly here - I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. All Callisto Design Co. creations are thought up, designed, printed and shipped from the beautiful city of York. I try to keep my suppliers as Yorkshire-based as possible and I'm proud to support our wonderful local businesses here in York.

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