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Eco Promise

Taking care of the planet is essential here at Callisto Design Co. - as it should be for every business!

So how do I make sure Callisto is as environmentally friendly as possible?


All cards and artwork are printed onto card made out of spent brewer's grain, which gives it the beautiful flecked texture that so many of our customers love, as well as giving a second life to what would otherwise be a waste product!


All cards come with brown Kraft envelopes made from 100% recycled paper.

Even the stickers that come with your cards to seal the envelopes are both recycled and recyclable!


I try to keep packaging to a minimum, so all cards are sent 'naked', with no unnecessary packaging, or just a recyclable belly band made from FSC-certified belly band to hold multipacks together. In a year of doing business, not a single card that I know of has got wet or damaged travelling this way!

Prints come packaged in fully compostable, biodegradable cellophane, with a piece of recycled greyboard to make sure they don't get bent.

All other packaging is fully plastic free, mostly already recycled, and 100% recyclable!

Keeping it local

Here at Callisto we love to support other small, local businesses as much as possible, even if it means our materials cost that little bit more than buying from a big faceless company! Most of our materials, including all of the card and stickers that we use, come from other independent businesses based in Yorkshire.

What can you do?

You've already made an amazing start by choosing to support a small, environmentally-friendly business - thank you!

If you want to do anything else to help, here are some ideas:

  • Reuse the packaging that comes with your order for something else - or recycle it if you can't

  • If you need to get rid of one of our cards or prints (rude) then at least make sure you pop it in the recycling rather than landfill! Encourage anyone who receives a card from you to do the same

  • Give me a shout at if you have any other ideas of ways Callisto Design Co. could become more environmentally-friendly - I'm learning every day and I know there are so many more things I could do to improve. I'd love to hear from you if you have ideas!

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