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Ten perfectly imperfect birthday cards for only £12!


This Wonky Box contains a mystery selection of ten eco-friendly birthday cards (they may all be different, or there might be a few doubles!).


These cards all 'seconds', which means each card has a slight imperfection which means they can't be sold at full price. They're all still perfectly usable, they're just not quite up to my usual high standards!


The imperfection is most commonly a printing error, such as slightly wonky margins (hence the name!), or the colours being a litttle different to how that card usually looks. Some of the cards actually have no issue at all, they just have my old business name and logo still on the back, or it's a design I've slightly updated and this is an older version.


This is an amazing deal where you get ten perfectly imperfect cards for just £12 and I can reduce waste and make sure I don't have to put perfectly good products in the bin. But don't hang around because these wonky boxes are limited edition - once they're gone, they're gone!

Mystery Wonky Birthday Card Box


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